EAST ALTON – A disgruntled customer is allegedly behind the broken glass door at the East Alton Dollar General located in the Wilshire Plaza.

East Alton Police Chief Darren Carlton said a man entered the Dollar General over the weekend and purchased some items. He accidentally left a bag of purchased goods when he left, and workers from the store kept it behind the counter. That man returned Monday evening, Carlton said, but allegedly did not want the bag, instead opting to return some items.

Carlton said workers at the retail store said the man could return items, but said he needed identification to do so. At that point, Carlton said the man was not compliant and left the store – kicking the door as he exited and breaking the glass.

“I think he probably thought the door opened outward, so he could just kick it open, instead of it having to be pulled inwards into the store,” Carlton said. “I don't think he meant to kick the door and break the glass.”

Video surveillance of the incident will be reviewed later this evening, Carlton said. The suspect will most likely face misdemeanor criminal damages charges, Carlton said. He added nothing was stolen and the store.

Chris Rhodes also contributed to this story

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