GODFREY - The new Weber Workforce Development Center on Lewis and Clark Community College’s Godfrey campus opened its doors for the Advisor to the President, Ivanka Trump, Wednesday morning.

Instructor Travis Jumper provided a tour of the center showcasing some of the new technologies and learning tools being implemented at Lewis and Clark.

After the tour, a roundtable discussion was held focusing on workforce development and training opportunities with Lewis and Clark graduates and students telling their perusal stories of their time at LCCC.

LCCC President Dr. Dale Chapman welcomed everyone in attendance and thanked Trump for paying a visit to the campus while highlighting the strides Lewis and Clark is making in workforce education.

“Lewis and Clark is an institution that graduates over a thousand students a year is responsible for the 4.5 percent of the regions gross regional product has an economic impact on the area of 360 million dollars produces technical and career education skills for approximately 6,600 jobs in our region,” Dr. Chapman said. “Lewis and Clark prides itself on having a close working relationship with all of regions employers, many of whom are here today.”

Lewis and Clark graduate Charlie Umphrey said finding the programs available at LCCC has allowed to her find career truly enjoys by following a different path in technologies rather than a traditional four-year university.

Like most high school graduates I too started at a four-year university,” Umphrey said. “After two and a half years double majoring in mechanical engineering and business I realized it wasn’t the route I wanted to take. I needed something more hands-on, more fulfilling, so I enrolled in the welding program at Lewis and Clark. Right away I loved it. It was the most amazing thing I have done in my life thus far.”

Graduate Bobbie McCormick said it’s very happy to access to programs like this the community that has allowed her and her husband be able to achieve their dreams and allowed her to think outside of the box.

“The workforce development programs have allowed institutions such as Lewis and Clark to develop programs that focus on meeting that gap between losing our baby boom, and our educating force that we’ve all grown up with,” she said. “Being able to create more hands force they’re able to create a more dynamic workforce. We have that hands-on skillset.”

Nursing student Robyn Scott said after her delaying her education briefly to focus on caring for her newborn son, she understands of the importance of education and kept her determined to work hard.

“Eventually I was able to return to school and continue my education,” Scott said. “Although I endured many other obstacles the support and inspiration I gained through the faculty and staff here at Lewis and Clark have allowed me to be successful.”

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