WORDEN - For the 12th year running, Worden celebrated Mardi Gras in what has become its typical fashion - with Wordi Gras.

Created by a rowdy group of beloved friends with trucks in 2006, Wordi Gras has grown to make a sizable increase to the approximately 1,000 who call Worden home every day. Bands started at around 1 p.m. at local bars, Yellow Dog and Wild Turkey on Wall Street. The parade,which started at 3 p.m. went up Wall Street, and featured a variety of floats.

A giant golden stag made of Stag beer cartons being ridden by a man with an antlered helmet may have been the parade's most ambitious float. One parade-goer said the rear flap of the behemoth would open for a beer brand rivaling Stag to fall from it, but no such event occurred this year.

Another representative of Stag was a very unique motored vehicle resembling a cross between a miniature motorbike and a shopping cart with an engine. A man drove it while a woman sat in a sidecar made of something appearing to be a keg with a fake machine gun mounted on it. It was all painted gold with the words "just married" on the butt of the keg.

The parade was advertised for all ages, and several children clamored for beads and small candies as the adults plucked beer coozies as they were slung from vehicles.

One such vehicle was a yellow Mustang being driven by a dog with both a lizard and chicken in the backseat.

Once again, Wordi Gras provided a fun-filled good time for the people of Worden and all who came to visit and celebrate.

Steven Spencer also contributed to this story

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