Madison County Board's Public Safety Committee has approved a resolution that will allow Animal Care and Control to enter into an agreement with Best Friends Network, a program of Best Friends Animal Society. Being a part of the network will, in theory, give the county the ability to connect with area animal welfare groups, as well as those around the country.

Animal Control manager Katherine Conder tells The Big Z this should be an opportunity to save more animals.

Click here for Conder's comments

The county will receive a $1,000 grant for becoming a member of the network. Madison County Animal Control saw a 36 percent drop in the number of animals euthanized last year, compared to 2016. The decrease in the euthanasia of animals at the shelter has been on a downward trend over the past couple of years, and the hope is s to continue to decrease over the next few years. By 2021, the goal is operate entirely as a "no-kill" facility.

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