Plan on hearing plenty of thunder this spring. That's the message from a National Weather Service Meteorologist, who warns the spring storm season looks like it will be a busy one. Chris Miller says the winter we've experienced is setting us up for an active storm season when spring arrives.

This week is also Severe Weather Preparedness Week and Miller is refreshing everyone on the terminology you might see or hear during severe weather. He says watches mean exactly that – be watching for the possibility that severe weather will form.

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Warnings mean the threat is eminent and it is time to seek shelter. Severe Weather Preparedness Week is intended to get people thinking about their responses to severe weather like where would they go in their homes. If you're in public, Miller indicates a lot of stores and buildings will have plans posted. In general, he encourages finding protection near the interior of wherever you are.

Illinois and Missouri will hold statewide tornado drills today (Tue) at 10am.

Here are a few links where you can find severe weather information:

Madison County:

The National Weather Service in St. Louis:

The Illinois Emergency Management Agency:


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