Photos provided by witness on scene

ALTON – A man in a gold-colored Chevrolet Impala allegedly struck several parked cars on Seminary Street in Alton near Edwards Street, witnesses on the scene stated.

One witness provided photos to She said she was at her friend's house on that street enjoying coffee when a person in a late-90s to early-2000s Chevrolet Impala struck her Jeep. After striking her vehicle, the witness said the suspect's vehicle was no longer able to flee. He then exited from it and continued fleeing authorities on foot. She said a city worker saw the collision and reported the suspect's car was smoking.

Alton Police Chief Jason Simmons said his department did receive reports of multiple hit-and-runs on Seminary Street, but said the person who struck them was not known to be fleeing from police, adding he was “not sure who the bad guy was at this time.”

Witnesses on the scene could not describe the suspect, as the incident happened too rapidly.

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