Alex BowkerALTON - Alex Bowker made a big name for himself as a star athlete in football and baseball for Carrollton High School. He topped 1,500 in receiving yards in his football career and also was an excellent baseball player as a pitcher/shortstop.

Today, Bowker is a proud member of the U.S. Marines. He committed on June 29, 2020, and is in the Marines delayed-entry program. He is the present assisting area Marine recruiters.

After a semester at Greenville University, Bowker came back to Lewis and Clark Community College and obtained his associate's degree in criminology and made a decision to be a Marine.

"I now work with another staff sergeant and recruiter with whatever they need," he said. "I work with some people who haven't left yet for boot camp."

The Carrollton native said growing up in the small community and being a student there helped mold him into the man he is today.

"In Carrollton when you are a kid, you look up to the high school athletes, work hard and wait on your turn," he said. "Looking up to the others makes you want to be prepared and work out hard."

During Bowker's sophomore year, the football team only lost two games all season under Coach Nick Flowers. Bowker said he has a lot of respect for Coach Flowers and the other coaches and teachers at Carrollton for what they did with him as an athlete and a person.

Bowker sees his time as a Marine a great boost for the future.

“Being a Marine builds your resume drastically and helps you in the future for job availability,” he said. “Even when you are walking around, people notice you if you are a Marine because Marine have such very high standards.”

Bowker’s long-term goal is to be a game warden and he said his criminology associate’s degree and time with the Marines will be a great setup for that type of career.

“I have considered getting my bachelor’s degree when I finish with the Marines,” he said.

At the present, Bowker plans to give his best to the Marines in whatever ways needed.

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