Jacob GrandoneEDWARDSVILLE – Montclaire Swim Club swimmer Jacob Grandone is already proving to be a key part of the Marlins team, especially in the 15-18-year-old age group, and has already made a big contribution to the club.

Grandone won multiple events in Thursday’s win over Splash City of Collinsville 415-259 in a Southwestern Illinois Swimming Association dual meet at Montclaire.

“I think I did alright,” Grandone said in an interview during the meet. “It wasn’t necessarily the best, but there’s definitely room for improvement.”

Grandone swam well in the Marlins’ season opener last week against Summers Port of Godfrey, and he had similar thoughts about his performance in the opener as well.

“I did alright, again, not my best,” Grandone said, “but I had a few little slip-ups.”

It’s still early in the season, and there’s much time to improve. Grandone knows what his flaws are, and works hard to improve his technique.

“Maybe a little more on keeping at a constant pace,” Grandone said, “or, I know, maybe my starts need a little work.”

Grandone sees himself as a freestyler mainly but will swim wherever his coaches want him to swim. He first got interested in swimming by being in the water when he was younger.

“I feel like I just kind of always liked being in the water from a young age,” Grandone said, “and I just kind of got into swimming off that.”

Grandone has some simple goals that he’s looking to achieve as the season goes along.

“Just to kind of overall improve,” Grandone said, “get some better times, hopefully.”

And all roads point to the Southwestern Illinois Swimming Association meet, which will be held in July for the first time at Edwardsville High School’s Chuck Fruit Aquatic Center, the first time the meet’s ever been held indoors. Grandone is looking ahead to the league meet.

“The big meet, I feel like, is definitely an important one,” Grandone said. “It’s kind of, I imagine it makes people nervous, obviously, for coming up to the race, especially since it’s a big, important meet.”

But the ultimate goal for Grandone is to keep improving week-by-week in order to get ready for the league meet.

“Yeah, improvement, as always, is good,” Grandone said. “I feel like everyone’s doing good, but it’s been fun so far.”

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