WOOD RIVER — A year ago Wesley Bullard visited Madison County Employment and Training and he’s now flying high in his career with the U.S. Air Force.

Bullard was facing hard times at school and at home before he enlisted in the service. However, without the help of a career specialist at Employment and Training he wouldn’t have finished his education.

Considered a super senior — meaning he was in his fifth year of high school — Bullard was finding it difficult to earn the credits he needed to graduate. Living with his mother, who was going through a divorce from his stepfather, Bullard wanted to find a way out.

He needed the extra credits, however he was finding it would be difficult. With a waiver, he could take on-line classes to earn his missing credits, but he would need to take seven classes to earn the credits he needed to graduate high school.

Bullard’s plan was to enlist in the military after high school and he knew he needed his diploma to do so. However, he found out that if he received a General Equivalency Degree and scored high enough on a military qualification exam or Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test he would be able to enlist.

To be considered for enlistment in the Air Force with a GED, Bullard needed to score a minimum of 65 out of 99 points. Bullard, who had already taken the ASVAB, scored an 87.

The educational resource specialist at Employment and Training advised Bullard about the E-learning program where he could study and take the GED test. Within three weeks, Bullard enrolled in the program and passed his GED.

Bullard left for boot camp in February. Upon his graduation, he decided he wanted to become a flight navigator for large aircraft and eventually he plans to attend college so he can become an officer.

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