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Toddle Towne Learning Centers

163 N Shamrock East Alton, IL 62024


Toddle Towne  | The Learning Center — Where kids play while they learn and learn while they play!

TTLC offers quality daycare and preschool programs for ages 6 weeks to 12 years at two different Learning Centers. Both centers are open Monday through Friday, 6 am to 5:30 pm. TTLC has been owned and operated by the same local educators for nearly 50 years! Ask around, if you are not a former TTLC kid — we bet you know one!

We invite you to contact our Center Directors to arrange a personal tour and learn more about our wide selection of educational programming and enrichment activities.


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Beginners – Ages 6 weeks – 2 years • Caterpillars, Ladybugs & Honeybees

The suite of rooms for our youngest learners is bright, cheerful, and filled with sunshine. There are places for little ones to safely crawl through, mirrors to explore, windows for a view of the world, rocking chairs and cozy spots for cuddling.  There are handy rails for beginning walkers, tables and chairs that are just their size, and their very own outside playground.  With one teacher for every four toddlers, they can investigate exciting challenges in interest centers that include pretend play, blocks, cars, balls, puzzles, sensory experiences, and table activities.   Every day is tailored to each child’s own unique developmental needs and interests.  For the older toddlers, short periods of structure provide opportunities to explore art materials, enjoy group stories, and to unravel the mysteries of numbers, colors, and shapes.  Most importantly, we use these experiences to help them develop into happy, independent, and secure children.

Check out the fun things our Beginners are doing this month!


Preschool – Ages 3, 4 & 5 years old • Fireflies, Crickets & Butterflies

Children in preschool are grouped based upon their achievement level and they move at their own speed based upon their own unique skills and abilities.

When you enter our preschool suite, every wall display, bulletin board, and toy shelf invites children to explore, experiment, and discover the wonders of the world around them.  Children rotate through four separate rooms with distinctly different kinds of activities so they can enjoy varied experiences throughout the day.  They benefit from a wider variety of choices, extra freedom to explore, and more complex challenges to solve.   A class size of ten provides just the right balance of available help and opportunities for independence. 

Every session of preschool (for both half and full day enrollments) is based on an exciting child-oriented theme.  Each morning starts with group singing and musical games and moves on to theme related activities which might include graphing kinds of shoes, recording the growth of our garden, making plastic bag ice cream, constructing cars from boxes for a “drive-in movie”, or rating the winners in a bug race.  Time will be spent daily learning to use art materials creatively, safely and neatly. The children will participate in active physical games.  Teachers spend time each day working individually with children to determine what they have learned and to help them move on to the next step. 

Check out the cool ways our Preschoolers are learning about this month’s theme!


After School - Up to 12 years old • Tarantulas

Bright, spacious, engaging indoor classrooms and outdoor areas provide all the freedom that big kids need to explore the world they live in and to socialize with their friends.  With one teacher for every twenty children there is just the right amount of independence to allow them to practice making good choices with a teacher close by to step in anytime help is needed.  In the mornings and afternoons the Tarantula Club kids can curl up in a cozy area to read and relax, or get together with friends for a rousing game of Clue.  Every morning and afternoon starts with a nutritious snack to fuel their active minds. There is quiet time set aside each afternoon to get a head start on homework and then it’s outside to play on our beautiful shaded playgrounds that are designed with older children in mind.  Parents never again have to worry about what to do on school holidays or snow days because the Tarantula Club will be there with fun activities that your school age child will love.  Parents must arrange for transportation themselves or in cooperation with their child’s elementary school. 

There is always something exciting going on in our Afterschool Program


Dynamite Day Camp – up to 12 years old

Our annual Summer program provides fun, exciting activities in a casual camp setting.  With a variety of field trips each week the children have many opportunities to explore the world and make new friends.  The Dynamite Day Campers climb aboard busses and take off for fun and exotic destinations such as swimming, miniature golf, bowling, the St. Louis Zoo, the Alton Lock and Dam, or World Aquarium.  When the campers aren’t out and about town they are back at camp involved with science experiments, cooking activities, arts and crafts, math mysteries and journaling. 

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A Word From Some of Our Teachers
There is always something exciting and challenging happening when you look at the world through a child's eyes and every day is full of new experiences. During my career at The Learning Center I really felt like I had a chance to change the world, at least a small part of it. — Ms. Peggy

The Learning Center upholds a very high standard of quality in their schools. The executive team serves as mentors to help every staff member grow and develop their teaching skills. I am thankful I have the honor and pleasure of working at The Learning Center — Ms. Sisa

I love how The Learning Center appreciates me. Unlike any other job I have had, they notice how hard I work to be my best. They have helped me identify areas to improve and help me to better myself as an employee and teacher. — Ms. Brandi

As a first-time teacher at The Learning Center, I felt a great welcome from my co-workers and the children alike. Walking through the doors each day makes me love what I do. The Learning Center offers friendly faces and a chance to make a real difference. — Ms Misty

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