An apparent miscommunication between Madison County, the Wood River Drainage and Levee District and the Metro East Humane Society has apparently halted a proposed plan to put cats to work on the levees. A news release was published on Friday announcing the cat program would return, but the head of the Humane Society says that is not the case.

The previous program to use barn cats to help control the problem of burrowing animals on the levees was disbanded when new levee district leadership took over in January. It was thought the program would be restarted, but Metro East Humane Society Executive Director Anne Schmidt tells The Big Z that is not the case.

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Levee District President Chuck Johansen tells The Big Z he thought they had reached an agreement, but after the news hit local media over the weekend, that apparently changed.

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Feral cats often work to help control the rodent populations in places like warehouses, mills, barns, and atop levees.


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