The Madison County Sheriff’s Office is instituting a new program that should help members of law enforcement in the county better identify people they encounter who have challenges communication. Starting October 1, the department will institute the P.I.N. - Potentially Impaired or Non-Verbal Person - Sticker Program

Similar to the St. Louis County Police Department’s P.I.N. Sticker Program, Sheriff John Lakin tells The Big Z this program will help officers recognize issues before they arise.

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The stickers are color coded in a manner which will alert law enforcement to a specific impairment or communication barrier. The program is intended to allow police officers, whether on a traffic stop or responding to a private residence, to recognize the P.I.N. Sticker and be aware that an impairment may present a communication barrier like a hearing impairment, dementia, autism, or others. The Madison County Sheriff’s Office will maintain a database of participants and local police agencies will be notified if a participant resides within their jurisdiction.

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