EDWARDSVILLE - City Council approved a resolution adopting a post-employment health plan for public employees of the Edwardsville Police Department during Tuesday night’s council meeting.

Amanda Tucker, Director of Human Resources, said the health plan is a tax-free health reimbursement arrangement (HRA), which allows employees to set aside a portion of their final payout of their accumulative sick, vacation and any other type of leave that has been acclimated.

“It allows them to put this into this health savings account for those expenses after they are in retirement,” Tucker added.

The plan requires no contributions from the city, the money going into an individual’s plan is only upon their retirement and is funded by the eligible pay of the employee. The money will then be able to be used exclusively for the employee’s future health insurance premiums.

Tucker added that this will be the fifth group within the city receiving the post-employment health plan including, the fire department, city clerks, management of police and management of the fire department.

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