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Name: Michael Mulrean Hometown: Brighton Years of Service: 1979-1983 KIA: No DOD: June 27, 2022 Branch: United States Marines Rank: Lance Corporal Message: My husband was ...[Read More]
Name: Carter A. Hutchinson Hometown: Grafton Years of Service: 1981-2001 Branch: Air Force Rank: (E-7) Master Sergeant Wars: Gulf War Medals Earned: Meritorious Service Medal,...[Read More]
Name: Wayne Seehausen Hometown: Jerseyville Branch: Army Wars: Vietnam Submitter's Name: Amy Ranger ...[Read More]
Name: John T. Mahoney Hometown: Alton Years of Service: 1940-1948 Branch: Army Wars: WWII Medals Earned: Purple Heart Submitter's Name: Martha Maloy ...[Read More]
SPRINGFIELD - State Representative Kevin Schmidt has introduced HB4128, proposed legislation set for discussion in the upcoming spring legislative session. The bill strives to honor veterans in Illinois...[Read More]
Name: Matthew Garland Hometown: Jerseyville Years of Service: 6 years Branch: Navy Rank: Petty officer 2nd class Message: Proud of this Navy nuke! Love mom and dad Submitter's...[Read More]
Name: Elmer D. Haines Hometown: Bethalto Years of Service: 1950-1953 KIA: No DOD: January 28, 2006 Branch: Army Rank: 187 Airborne Wars: Korea Submitter's Name: Patricia...[Read More]
Name: Donald Elledge Hometown: Wood River Years of Service: 1970-1974 Branch: U.S. Navy Rank: Seaman Wars: Vietnam War Medals Earned: National Defense Service Medal Vietnam Service...[Read More]
Name: Gregory Bock Hometown: Alton Years of Service: 22 years Branch: Navy/Air Force Rank: E7 Submitter's Name: Laura Bock ...[Read More]
Name: Brian Frier Hometown: Bethalto Years of Service: 2007-2013 Branch: Marines Rank: Sergeant Wars: Iraq Submitter's Name: Patricia Lowrance ...[Read More]

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