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Name: Lee Graham Hometown: East Alton Years of Service: 1960-1964 Branch: Army Submitted By: Julie Heinemann ...[Read More]
Name: Walter L. Lagemann Hometwon: Godfrey KIA: No Branch: Navy Wars : WWII Submitter's Name: Danny Evans ...[Read More]
Name: Richard Bricker Sr. Hometown: Cottage Hills, Illinois Years of Service: 1968 DOD: December 25, 2006 KIA: No Branch: Army RAnk: Sergeant Wars: Vietnam Medals: Multiple purple hearts...[Read More]
Name: David Farmer and Phillip Stephens Hometown: East Alton Years of Service: 1960-1982 KIA: No Branch: U.S. Army and U.S. Navy Rank: Chief Petty Officer Wars: Vietnam Message: GIRL SCOUT TROO...[Read More]
Name: William Collman Hometown: Bethalto Years of Service: 1965-67 KIA: No Branch: Army Rank: SGT Wars: Vietnam Message: Thank you for serving in a NATO unit in Germany to support other troops...[Read More]
Name: Shannon Yount Hometown: Boston, MA Years of Service: 2006 - 2014 KIA: No Branch: United States Marine Corps. Rank: Sergeant of Marines Wars: OIF/OEF Message: Thank you for your militar...[Read More]
Name: Larry Wickham Hometown: Granite City Years of Service: 1961-1966 KIA: No Branch: United States Marine Corp Rank: Sgt. Message: Thank-you for your service. Submitted By: Sharon ...[Read More]
Name: Ashlee Nichoalds Hometown: Cambria, Illinois Years of Service: 3 KIA: No Branch: Army Wars: Afghanistan Message: My daughter Ashlee is my military hero. She had the guts and nerve to d...[Read More]
Name: Jimmie Carrol Denton, Sr. Branch: Army Wars: Korean War Submitted By: Daphne Gvillo ...[Read More]
Name: Quentin C. Downing Hometown: Bethalto Years of Service: 1980-1983 KIA: No Branch: Army Rank: Sergeant Submitted By: Tamara Downing ...[Read More]

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