The Wood River Aquatic Center has been living on borrowed time for several years, and city leaders have decided not to open the facility in 2018. At least $105,000 in needed repairs would have to have been made to open the facility, according to Mayor Cheryl Maguire.

Those include the replacement of an electrical panel in the pump room, the slide filtration system needed repaired, and a federally-mandated pool drain replacement. Maguire tells The Big Z the costs to make all of the repairs was just too much.

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A study from early 2016 laid out several options for the eventual replacement of the facility, including building on top of the existing facility, or possibly moving it to near Illinois 255. But Maguire says no decision as to the future of a water attraction in the city has been made yet, and any decision would have to be balanced with the other needs of the city.

In a statement from Mayor Maguire:

     Not opening the Aquatic Center for the 2018 season was a unanimous decision of the city council.  Is was a difficult choice but the responsible thing to do because of  safety concerns and cost estimates to open this season.  There is a laundry list of needed repairs but the pump room electrical panels poses the most dire need, along with the slide filtration system and the federal mandated pool drain replacement.

     The council understands how important the pool is for the quality of life for the Wood River residents.  It was going to be too much money to get it up and running to open this season, so much it would have exceeded its value to the city.

     Each year, there are pool maintenance costs that are supplemented by the city budget.  The pool facility has long outlived its expected life span but the time has come to face the challenge and make a decision about its future.

$40,000.00           Electrical Main Replacement

$15,000.00           Slide Pool Filtration System

$13,350.00           Main Pool Drains

$11,372.00           4-Lifeguard stands

$23,788.00           Diving Board Tower replacement

$2,000.00             Engineer Slide Inspection

Total $105,510.00

These costs are if no other issues are found upon inspection.

Mayor Maguire

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