A Chicago Democrat is asking all sides to drop the politics and address the violence.

This past weekend, 12 people were killed and at least 66 shot across the city. That was worse than Memorial Day weekend, when seven people were killed and 32 shot.

City officials said they want increased accountability for criminals and a collaborative community effort to stem the violence.

State Rep. LaShawn Ford, D-Chicago, said the affected communities are hurting and there needs to be a real effort to bring state and federal resources together with the city to address the violence.

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“We have to put people over politics,” Ford said. “Right now, I think that we are more concerned about politics than people.”

Ford said that means having city officials work directly with President Donald Trump’s administration to solve the issue.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been a critic of Trump. Last year, Emanuel told "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" that even with Trump Tower on the Chicago River, he didn't want Trump himself in Chicago.

“I think what he’s doing is wrong for the direction of this city,” Emanuel said at the time. “It’s not how I wanted the election to turn out and so we’ve declared that Chicago is going to be a Trump-free zone.”

“That makes no sense,” Ford said. “Taxpayers in Illinois and Chicago send billions of dollars to Washington and we want to make sure that our tax dollars are being used to help improve the quality of life. So when we hear a politician say that we are not willing to work with Donald Trump, the president, [regardless] of his personal beliefs, he still has a responsibility to make sure that America is safe.”

“I’m not worried about Donald Trump’s shenanigans,” Ford said. “What I’m worried about are the people in our state that’s dying. [Trump] has taken an oath of office to protect this country and taxpayers must get their tax dollars working for them.”

In May, Trump was critical of Emanuel's handling of Chicago's gun violence when he said, “what the hell is that mayor doing? What is he doing?”

Emanuel’s office didn’t respond when asked for comment.

Ford said people should not blame the communities on the west and south sides of Chicago. They have been neglected by city and state leaders for years, he said.

“If you’re fair about looking at the iniquities, you will see why these communities are violent,” Ford said.

The violence doesn’t just affect those communities, Ford said. It affects all the state’s taxpayers.

“Taxes have to go up because we have to spend more money on incarceration, we have to spend more money on police patrol, we have to spend more money on emergency rooms,” Ford said.

Ford said state and city officials need to work with the Trump administration to bring more resources back to Illinois, in particular to Chicago’s south and west sides, for job development, mental health treatment and enhanced efforts to control the flow of illegal guns and drugs. Ford said if Illinois can get the violence under control, and enhance the economy in Chicago's struggling neighborhoods, then the state and local governments can work to lower property and sales taxes.

Trump has said in the past that he would send more federal agents to Chicago if city leaders could not reduce the gun violence themselves.

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