The Alton City Council Committee of the Whole has been laying over a resolution to conduct an engineering assessment on the retaining wall on Riverview Drive for months, awaiting possible FEMA money to be freed up to help pay for part of the project. The Committee has now decided to move forward, after the partial collapse of the wall following another weekend of heavy rain apparently causing the ground under the pavement and concrete to give way.

The council is expected to introduce a three-part resolution at tonight's (Wednesday) meeting that Corporation Counselor Jim Schrempf says will authorize the emergency stabilization work currently being performed, to authorize Sheppard Morgan and Schwaab to craft a plan for a permanent fix, and to then put the project out for bid.

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The wall there has endured cracking and shifting due to what the city says are rain and flood events over the last few years. Major cracks around the wall started to show Sunday evening and part of the hillside gave way on Monday afternoon. No one was hurt, and Abbot Machine – located below the slide location on the Great River Road – reportedly did not suffer any structural damage.

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