Madison County Community Development has approved grants totaling $1-million for two housing developments in Granite City and Highland. The Madison County Board Grants Committee approved the projects during a meeting on Monday and will now go before the full board for approval next week. A project in Alton was not funded.

The Communities of Sunnybrook that will be constructed just off Washington Avenue just up from the Alton Law Enforcement Center was not funded, but developers and investors are moving ahead with construction plans. A special meeting of the Grants Committee a few weeks ago ranked the three projects and the Alton development was ranked third. The committee Monday approved a plan to turn the old YMCA in downtown Granite City into lofts and approved a plan for senior citizen housing in Highland called Highland Villas. According to a report in The Telegraph, the committee also voted to expand the Gateway Enterprise Zone by three acres in Pontoon Beach where a new hotel will be constructed near Village Hall.


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