The Illinois State Board of Elections said Gov. Bruce Rauner's veto of the plan to remove Illinois from the Interstate Voter Crosscheck Program won't change much because Illinois isn't using Crosscheck right now. 

Matt Dietrich, a spokesman for the Illinois State Board of Elections, said the state of Illinois hasn't sent any voter data to the Crosscheck program in over a year, and hasn't used any information from Crosscheck in two years. 

Dietrich said Crosscheck has been, essentially, dormant.

"Back in January, Crosscheck told us they were waiting on an assessment from the Department of Homeland Security on their security and data handling," Dietrich said. "They said they would get back to us, and would not ask for any data or accept any data until they had a clean bill of health from DHS."

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That was six months ago. 

Dietrich said Illinois still uses the other national voter database program, ERIC. 

Membership in Crosscheck is free. Dietrich said Illinois paid $25,000 to join ERIC two years ago. This year, he said, the dues will hit $55,000. 

Dietrich said the state board looked at dropping Crosscheck earlier this year, but the board couldn't agree on whether it was a good idea or not. 

"The real question now, for us, is what is the status of Crosscheck itself," Dietrich said. "The ball is in their court now. They told us that when DHS says they're good to go that we will hear from them. We never heard anything from them." 

On Tuesday, Rauner vetoed a plan to remove the state from the programs. He said said there's no need to take a tool away from local election managers to make sure their voter rolls are correct. 

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