Fire training in the Riverbend and surrounding areas will soon have another tool at its disposal. The City of Alton's Fire Department learned this week it will receive a $227,000 federal grant that will be used to pay for a mobile firefighter trainer.

The unit will have to be custom-made, and the hope is after getting city council approval to accept the grant, the construction will be completed and delivered by next March. Alton Fire Chief Bernie Sebold tells The Big Z Lewis & Clark Community College will pay the 10% match, or just shy of $23,000.

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The city will not have to pay anything for the unit, which is described by Sebold as basically a steel container similar to something you would see on a train or being pulled by a semi-truck. On the inside he says it will be equipped with a maze-like setup onside with the ability to have live fire, and a roof-prop to provide rooftop ventilation exercises.

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