The Illinois Department of Transportation wants to know about the state's roads, railways, and rest stops.

How is your drive to work? What about the drive to mom's house? Or the train ride to the city?

The Illinois Department of Transportation is asking about all of that and more as part of its annual traveler survey.

IDOT's Jessie Decker said the idea is to get a sense of what people use, and what shape it's all in.

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"We're looking for feedback on topics ranging from road conditions, ice and snow removal, which is really top of mind right now," Decker explained. "You're commuting habits and driving behaviors. And also information about our state rest stop areas, and Amtrak usage."

Decker said the information from the survey will help IDOT focus on immediate needs and help the state plan for future road projects.

"We really find it important to hear what the public thinks about the job we are doing," Decker said. "And to see what they think it is important for us to focus on in the future."

The survey is on IDOT's website,