There does not appear to be much, if any, public support for possible name changes at two schools in the East Alton Elementary district. A public hearing at the regular board meeting on Tuesday gave anyone that wanted to speak on the topic a chance to do so, and all who did, spoke against the idea.

The schools in question are Eastwood Elementary and East Alton Middle School. The district is getting ready to upgrade the signage at both schools, and figured it would be as good a time as any if the names were to be changed. Rumors that the names being considered for the change were current School Board President Marvin Peterson and board member Margaret Foiles were addressed by Superintendent Virgil Moore.

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District employee Caryl Sellars doesn't think it's a good idea.

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At one point, the public comment session degraded into an airing of grievances by certain members of the public that took issue with various alleged actions or inaction by the board. Once all was said and done, School Board President Marvin Peterson asked if anyone in attendance supported a name change, but there was no response. If the board were to continue to pursue the name change, there would have to be another public hearing on the matter, and then a vote at a later date.

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