The Rev. David Boase may not have to leave the country after all. After a preliminary hearing in Kansas City on Tuesday, the Kansas City Star reports Boase and his attorney have informed a judge they will be applying for what is known as a 42A cancellation of removal, which would allow Boase to stay in the country, but he could not attain citizenship.

The judge in the case reportedly said he normally grants those applications for those with no criminal record and at least five years of permanent residency. Boase's plight came to light after applying for citizenship, and it was discovered he had erroneously voted in an election a dozen years ago after he was allegedly erroneously registered to vote by an employee at a local DMV. While it was originally thought Boase would have to leave the country, that now appears not to be the case. An April 23rd teleconference has been scheduled to further discuss the matter.

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