Illinois' bicentennial best-of voters are picking the state's best musicians. 

The band Chicago is not on Illinois' list of best bands and musicians. But Aretha Franklin, the Smashing Pumpkins, and Kanye West are.

Chris Wills with the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency said the latest Top 200 list takes a look at musicians that are from Illinois or did their best work while living in the state. 

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"Illinois has a strong history in jazz with Benny Goodman coming from Chicago. With the drummer Gene Krupa. Jazz is a big part of this," Wills said. "Also gospel, when you have people like the Staple Singers and Thomas Dorsey and others. And the, of course, the blues."

Wills said Buddy Guy and Muddy Waters are both on the list.

But, Wills said, it's not just Chicago. 

"We've got REO Speedwagon on the list. They have their roots in the Champaign-area. Bluegrass artist Alison Krauss is also from the Champaign-area. Cheap Trick is from Rockford," Wills said. "People shouldn't dismiss this as it's all Chicago."

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Next week, the list will focus on Illinois best artists and architects. 

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