MARYVILLE – As many as 20 vehicles may have been burglarized in Maryville, Illinois overnight Sunday into Monday.

Sergeant Tony Manley said the burglaries mostly occurred in the Old Town area of Maryville, especially on the streets of Lucas, Westwood, Birch, Nepute and Perry. As of now between 17-19 calls have reached the station about cars being entered and rummaged through with small belongings and money left in the vehicle being taken. As of now, Manley said he is unaware of any large items such as electronics and firearms being stolen. He said most of the thefts were done overnight.

“It's not uncommon for us to have one or two happen on a weekend, but even that is pretty rare,” Manley said. “For us to have 20 of them in a night is very rare.”

Manley said the department is currently seeking the public's help to find the culprits in these burglaries and is looking for any evidence, which may be found by surveillance equipment in the area.

If anyone has further information, they are asked to contact the Maryville Police Department at (618) 344-8899.

No vehicles were damaged during these burglaries and the vehicles targeted were unlocked when they were burglarized. Manley and the Maryville Police Department want to remind folks to keep their vehicle doors locked when left unattended and parked in the street – even in front of people's own homes.

Reporter Cory Davenport can be reached via call or text at (618) 419-3046 or via email at

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