ST. LOUIS - Snow accumulation predictions have increased as this weekend's storms are getting closer.

National Weather Service (NWS) Meteorologist Patrick Walsh said warm air in front of the Southern low pressure system has caused an additional line of precipitation to develop ahead of the overall system. That additional - and unexpected - precipitation means sleet is now added to the forecast and that the system will reach the area by noon instead of late this afternoon. Heaviest snowfalls are expected to be from Friday night into late Saturday morning with overall accumulation potentials being 6-9 inches.

Snow showers will continue through Sunday, Walsh said, but the main accumulations will occur overnight Friday into Saturday. Those additional showers may add to the total, however, but sleet may decrease from it, as sleet does not pile as snow.

Major melting of this snow is expected early next week as Monday's temperatures are expected to reach mid-to-upper 30s and Tuesday's should break 40. Temperatures are expected to reach and maybe exceed the freezing point during the weekend, but not enough to cause significant melts.

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