GRANITE CITY – Clancy’s Brewery in Granite City, Ill., has announced its anticipated grand opening. Featuring live music, snacks and beer, the event will take place August 31st, 2019, from 3 p.m. until 11 p.m.

Located down the sidewalk from Lascelles at 1324 Niedringhaus Avenue, Clancy’s Brewery is bringing the exploding craft beer scene to the Granite City community while also offering a new spot for friends and family to gather and enjoy their community.

Brewing small batches of nearly 100 gallons at a time, Clancy’s Brewery has the freedom to experiment and try new things. Currently focused on top-fermented European lagers with an American twist, Clancy’s also plans to brew classic American styles and Belgian ales. “The City is excited about Clancy’s location in downtown Granite. You can enjoy specialty craft brewing, places to eat and a movie. Clancy’s Brewery will be a great addition to creating a vibrant downtown district,” said Granite City Mayor Ed Hagnauer.

“It was the vision of the Mayor and the city council about ten years ago that placed the cinema as an anchor to the downtown area. And what we have seen since then is the Lascelles Group’s investments that have created slow layers of growth, stimulating interest in different people,” said Rosemarie Brown, executive director of the Chamber of Commerce of Southwestern Madison County. “Lascelles Group, along with others in the area, are building our business community, and we as residents need to be there to support each of these businesses day after day.” Clancy’s Brewery Founder, Lance Callis, added, “Our city is a small town with a big heart. If you fall, you can count on your fellow citizen to pick you up. Granite City is a city of immigrants, and Clancy’s Brewery is part of that. It is my hope that this microbrewery will add more joy to our town, keeping God, our families, and our country as our guidelines.”

There are a number of beers currently on tap at Clancy’s that are sure to please the beer enthusiast, such as Lemondrop Pils, a dry-hopped Pilsner made with lemondrop hops and fresh lemon zest. It’s a refreshing beer with a citrusy and hoppy character. Also on tap is The End is Rye, an American pale ale brewed with classic American hops and rye for a hop-forward taste with a strong malt backbone and touch of rye spiciness. The next beer to brew on the brewmaster’s list is Granite Mammal, a classic European-style Vienna lager that is amber in color with a malty taste and smooth finish.

For more information about Clancy’s Brewery, visit their Facebook page for weekly posts, updates and specials.

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