These and those in the other photos are on the Illinois State Scholars list.EDWARDSVILLE - Nearly every high school in Illinois competes in the Illinois State Scholars program, identifying and honoring the highest academically performing seniors in high schools around the state. Several area students from Edwardsville High School made the list this year; their names are listed below.

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Dr. Steve Stuart, principal of Edwardsville High School, issued the following statement about EHS’s Illinois State Scholars:

“The students that receive this throughout the state are obviously the best of the best. Universities recognize the importance of this kind of honor and tie in a lot of scholarship money and other awards for the students who have earned it. In years past whenever we had Illinois State Scholar recipients, we had in-person award nights and we recognized these individuals. Over the last couple of years, they were recognized in virtual fashion and at graduation. It is a great honor.”

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Illinois State Scholars from other area schools to come.

The EHS Illinois State Scholars are as follows:

  • Diego Arana
  • Mason Babington
  • Braden Baker
  • Nathan Beck
  • Ruben Benjankar
  • Daniel Benson
  • Sophia Bertolino
  • Marcie Billings
  • Maxwell Brandmeyer
  • Caroline Byron
  • Karli Camp
  • Laine Chapman
  • Tyler Chrenka
  • Kate Conner
  • Ashley Cook
  • Sean Craig
  • Trey Dicks
  • Alyck El-Khatib
  • Elle Evans
  • Oliver Ferdinand
  • Emilie Fry
  • Emma Garner
  • Jacob Geisen
  • John Gingerich
  • Jacob Grandone
  • Julia Hantla
  • Zachary Harmon
  • Aiden Henke
  • Liam Hoeferlin
  • Jaelyn Hudson
  • Danielle Huene
  • Sydney Huskey
  • Olga Ivashyna
  • Adam Johnson
  • Justin Jones
  • Grace Kalb
  • Luke Karlas
  • Connor Kielty
  • Meredith Kremitzki
  • Ashley Kuethe
  • Lindsey Lankford
  • Donovan Latham
  • Abigail Law
  • Sydney Lawrence
  • Benjamin Loftus
  • Allyson Lunsford
  • Julietta Marini
  • Henley Mason
  • Nicholas McClintock
  • Grace McGinness
  • Simon McKean
  • Alissa Mollett
  • Kathryn Morgan
  • Nicole Morris
  • Rachel Mueller
  • Edward Noonan
  • Adrian Norcio
  • Shaun Pacatte
  • Rachel Piazza
  • Reese Pifer
  • Patrick Rawson
  • Cole Reinking
  • Joshua Robinson
  • Logan Roever
  • Mera Rusick
  • Benjamin Schardt
  • Macy Silvey
  • Spencer Stearns
  • Jacob Summers
  • Alexander Sundar
  • Hannah Tae
  • Timothy Tossey
  • Aidan Underwood
  • Gabriela Vazquez
  • Madison Vieth
  • Michael Voltz
  • William Voss
  • Gavin Walls
  • Jillian Welsh
  • Michael Whaley
  • Ryan Whaley
  • Mitchell White
  • Elizabeth Wilbraham
  • Jeffrey Windau
  • Jenae Wright
  • Ella Young


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