Ethan YoungEDWARDSVILLE – Edwardsville senior wide receiver and defensive back Ethan Young is expected to be one of the top players on the Tigers’ team that is getting ready for the new football season.

Young was one of the players for the Tigers in their seven-on-seven passing drills session Monday night at Tiger Stadium and felt the team got better from the previous session, but also knows there’s still a lot of work ahead.

“In my opinion, we got better from last week, but there’s a lot of things we’ve got to work on,” Young said in an interview that followed the session. “I messed up a couple of times, and a lot of people on our team did, but we’ve got to minimize those.”

Young does feel that the Tigers have come a long way since the start of the summer workout season, and are getting better. And it won’t be long before the start of the season and Edwardsville’s opener at McCluer North of Florissant, Mo., on Aug. 30.

“We’ve come a long way from where we started,” Young said. “It was not good at the beginning, but we’re just gradually getting better and better, and there’s only time before the season starts, and we don’t have a choice but to be great.”

Young is looking forward to another big season for the Tigers, and with the losses the Tigers have on both sides of the ball, he knows that many players will have to step up for Edwardsville to enjoy success once again.

“We lost a lot in the secondary, and offensively, too,” Young said. “If people step up, we’re going to be great. But it’s on us. There’s nothing else we can do, just to play.”

The Edwardsville schedule is once again a very tough one, and with the Southwestern Conference games also, and Young is looking forward to the challenge of the schedule.

“Yes,” Young said. “I mean, it’s a tough schedule again. Nothing we haven’t seen before. If people step up and do their keys, we’re going to be great.”

And the challenging schedule is something that Young is also looking forward to, as it’ll help the Tigers prepare for any possible postseason contests.

“Yes, because come the playoffs, it’s the best of the best,” Young said. “You’ve got to earn your spot in the playoffs, and when people do it, they’re going to be hungry. And the only thing you can do is win. It’s a win or go home.”

And Young is looking forward to the season and hopes to go out on a high note.

“Senior season,” Young said. “It’s my last ride.”

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