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Last week, property owners received postcards from the Madison County Board of Review with news of township multipliers that are increasing their assessed valuation.

A multiplier of 1.0898 was given to Madison County by the Illinois Department of Revenue (IDOR), which collects property sales data. The department also suggested multipliers for each of the county’s 24 townships.

Other Illinois counties received similar multipliers.

Will these multipliers cause higher taxes?

It depends. Keep your eye on the “levy.” A levy is the amount a taxing district takes – out of the pockets of taxpayers.

During the time I’ve been Chairman, county government reduced its property tax levy. In 2017, the levy was reduced from $32.6 to $30.8 million and since then the county has kept it the same.

But some taxing districts use higher assessments as a way to increase their tax levy:

  • 17.15% Granite City #9 - $32,390,000

  • 15.40% Collinsville #10 - $48,233,944

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    13.12% Highland #5 - $23,941,951

  • 12.92% WR-Hartford Elementary - $5,298,817

  • 11.63% Staunton Macoupin #6 - $32,047,771

  • 11.53% Alton #11 - $44,398,496

  • 11.22% EA-WR #14 - $5,308,684

  • 11.04% Edwardsville #7 - $99,913,111

  • 10.26% Bethalto #8 - $13,517,884

The assessment process includes township and county assessors, with the IDOR having the final say.

Keep your eye on the levy. Your property tax bill is the result of the levies from various taxing districts.

Kurt Prenzler, CPA

Madison County Chairman

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