WOOD RIVER — Twin sisters took advantage of Madison County’s Work Experience Program and developed skills that set them up for their future at the University of Missouri.

Tamara and Tamia Anderson are college freshmen now, but before they started their journey into academia, they took park in the county’s Work Experience Program. The program helps develop skills and work habits to increase the potential for employment and educational success.

The twins started in the work program in October 2016 when they were sophomores at Madison High School. They graduated in May and in August they entered the University of Missouri.

Having dealt with barriers such as being raised by a single father in a low-income household, the girls wanted a brighter future and the work program helped them gain the necessary skills to be marketable for future employment.

The girls participated in athletics while in high school and made the Honor Society.

While in the program, the teens improved their Test for Adult Basic Education (TABE) scores, which helped with college placement.

Also during Tamara and Tamia’s involvement in the work program they were are also able to contribute toward household expenses.

Program supervisors gave positive reports about the young women’s work performance and noted they were reliable.

Many young people work hard to achieve good grades and rack up countless hours volunteering, interning, or donating their skills so that one day they may bridge their effort toward paid work. The county’s work program assists young women and men in gaining the experience they need to enter the workforce.

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