Meghan UnterbrinkALTON - For Meghan Unterbrink, her flower crafts are more than just crafts. They signify that she knows herself.

Unterbrink has always had a creative streak, but it wasn’t until a year ago that she created the first hanging flower craft, a decoration piece that includes flowers and beads. She made the first one for her own home decor, then started sharing them through her business, Honey Hearts Studio, which she runs with her fiance. Now, Unterbrink is the Milton Schoolhouse Artist of the Month for April, and she is proud of her display in the schoolhouse and the reaction it has received so far.

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“They’re just really beautiful to me, and I’m really proud that I make them,” she said. “I’m really new to this, but it’s grown a lot in a short amount of time. It’s exciting. I’ve been very busy. It’s been constantly creating, and in the short amount of time I’ve seen a lot of improvement in my own skills and stuff, so it’s been a big deal.”

Unterbrink started with painting and drawing, which she still enjoys. But her jewelry-making and decor crafts have taken off through Honey Hearts Studio, where she makes over 50% of the products they sell.

The idea for Honey Hearts Studio expanded last year when Unterbrink found herself at a difficult crossroads. She was struggling to keep a job due to her disabilities, and she had a lot of time on her hands. She decided to return to something that has always brought her joy: art.

“I was born artistic, you know?” she said. “And then last year — I struggle a lot with disability. I don’t look like it. That’s something that’s really pushed me into creating, honestly…Really, I’m thankful that I went through all that bad stuff even though I’m still struggling physically. It’s a big deal to me to make even one of these, and that’s why I’m so proud of them, too, because I know what I go through to make them.”

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It isn’t an easy process for Unterbrink, who is open about her struggles and the time it takes to make each piece. But she enjoys creating the flower crafts, and each one is unique. She is particularly fond of the pink flowers — her favorite color — and has several hanging in her home.

“I truly believe everything happens for a reason, even the bad stuff,” she added. “I’ve gone through a lot of turmoil and struggle. But this has been the light of it all. I’ve really seen stuff turn around and I’ve had such a sense of accomplishment. Things are getting better and I’m creating more and I’m just really proud, honestly.”

As an artist in her 20s, Unterbrink feels that she is starting to get a handle on who she is and what her art looks like. She noted that this signature craft feels the most like her, and she has been delighted to discover that so many people find them as wonderful as she does.

Looking forward, Unterbrink hopes to continue creating and selling her art through Honey Hearts Studios. She is thankful for the space at Milton Schoolhouse, and she will continue to be proud of the work she does every day to complete her art.

“It’s a unique feeling. I feel like being an artist is just being really proud,” she said. “The fact that I can take materials and just create something really special and meaningful and unique, I think that’s the biggest part of it to me. Just getting compliments from people…that just makes me really proud. Proud is the big, broad, best word for how I feel about all of this, but it’s a really unique feeling to be an artist. It’s really indescribable.”

You can find Honey Hearts Studios at Country Vibes Vendors and More in Bunker Hill. Follow the official Honey Hearts Studios Facebook page and Instagram profile for more.

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