GLEN CARBON - The Metro East Community Rotary Club plans a special Bowlio to End Polio this upcoming Tuesday, April 30, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Edison's Entertainment Complex in Glen Carbon.

Trent West of the Metro East Community Rotary Club said the event has special meaning to the group members and to Edison's. Edison's constantly works with groups and businesses on special community events, West said.

“We have a good partnership with Edison's and this is Rotary International’s big mission at this point - to eradicate polio throughout the world in a couple of years. Some aid workers died this past year, one in Pakistan, one in Afghanistan from it. Last year 33 total people died from the disease in those countries.”

West added that for every dollar Rotary raises for the Polio fight, the Gates Foundation gives back $2.

“That means if someone donates a buck, $3 total goes to the fight against Polio,” he said. “A total of $3 goes a long way for vaccinations.”

West said the Metro East Community Rotary Club now has 24 members and is sort of a new generation of Rotary. He said the group meets twice a month with evening meetings.

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