The purpose of this report is to provide information and to aid in government transparency.

Tax Cycle Committee: I chaired the Tax Cycle Committee on August 14 (1) Parcel Shape Map We discussed improvements and changes to the Parcel Shape Map. Current information is basic. We hope to add layers providing information which will aid in economic development making Madison County more competitive in bringing big business here. Staff form the Assessor’s Office, Planning and Development, State’s Attorney, and IT are researching important elements of the plan. (2) Upgrade Recorder’s Software We discussed an Upgrade for the Recorder’s Software to improve technology to assist the real estate industry. We hope to provide a system which will ‘take us back to dirt’. The upgrades will help; (A) Madison County Title and Real Estate concerns to close faster, (B) and provide developers with a vision of the county infrastructure to aid in construction, and, (C) aid in commerce. * Please note: costs of improvement will not impact the General Fund! (Your property tax.)

Planning and Development (P and D) Committee: I attended August 15. I voted for; (A) the Resolution to demolish unsafe buildings, (B) a resolution to purchase E-Recycle Services for MADCO P and D, and, (C) listened to a report on upcoming zoning ordinance text amendments.

Health Committee: On August 15 I met with Health Committee Chairman Ray Wesley, and County Board Member David Michael District 4, to discuss horizontal and vertical aspects of the Health Committee Budget during the last four years. Each year the Health Committee ran increasingly in the RED. Our findings and questions will be provided to the Administration on by Chairman Wesley.

Transportation Committee: I attended August 14. I voted for the following Resolutions: (1) Agreement/Funding Resolution, Engelke Bridge, Silver Creek Road over Tributary, Section16-181113-00-BR, Madison County, (B) Agreement/Funding Resolution, North Buchanan Street resurfacing, Section 18-00112-00-RS, City of Edwardsville, and, (C) Resolution to Purchase Used Caterpillar Mini Excavator. (Fabick) Many thanks to Chairman McCrae for a quick well run meeting.

Facilities Committee: I attended Facilities August 13. (1) Jail Remodeling is 65% completed and ahead of schedule currently $68,000 under budget. (2) The Detention Center re modeling plans is being finalized. The boiler and air handlers will be completed first. (3) ADA Parking places are being redone in main parking lot. (4) Recent rains showed the caulking of windows woefully inadequate. No preventive maintenance of windows was competed in many years.

Respectfully Submitted,

Phil Chapman

County Board District Three

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