The streets and highways are slick tonight throughout the area.

The Illinois State Police and all other law enforcement has encouraged people to stay home tonight and off the roads. Several motorists were observed slipping and sliding in the commute home.

There have been some minor crashes and the National Weather Service in St. Louis says road conditions are deteriorating quickly.

Some of the traffic crashes reported this evening are one at Miami at Buena Vista in Alton where a car slid off. Another crash was on West St. Louis Avenue in East Alton where a vehicle slid off the road and struck a U-Haul truck in the parking lot of the business. There was a traffic crash at Fosterburg Road at College Avenue in Alton and traffic lights were damaged and were not functioning at that time.

There was a traffic crash with a pole down on East Main at Lakeside in East Alton.

More to come.

Steven Spencer also contributed to this story

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