EDWARDSVILLE - The Sixth Annual Spring Beer Fest, hosted by Global Brew Tap House, drew a large crowd recently at Edwardsville City Park. The Beer Fest had a very positive bent with a portion of proceeds will be donated as a fundraiser for the Edwardsville Fire Department.

Global Beer plans to donate some of the proceeds from the Beer Fest to help purchase some battery-operated tools for the Edwardsville Fire Department. Global Brew has always been community-minded with its various locations. Soon, Global Brew will make a move to the new Iron Works Development on Plum Street in Edwardsville across from the movie theater.

Deputy Chief James Whiteford said it is always appreciated when private companies help out funding special equipment like this specific one.

“The types of equipment we use in fire service tend to be expensive and specialized,” Whiteford said. “This donation would go to a special extrication tool we need. We are trying to move one of our fire engines from the old hydraulic to more battery-operated tools. We are hoping to buy one of the tools through their donation.”

Whiteford said the modern tools are much more effective for firefighters than the old ones.

“The old-style tools have limited distance and have to be tethered to a hose,” he said.

“With the new tools, they are lighter weight and more powerful and generally better quality rescue tools than what we have.”

A variety of beers were available at the Saturday beer fest, plus a variety of entertainment that included Poor Dirty Astronauts in the evening, and earlier in the day Lefty Daytona and Bongo Jak.

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