Trey Boyd signs his letter of intent with mom, Deborah, and dad, Monroe, in front, and in back, Makai, brother, Tigers' head football coach Matt Martin and Michael, a brother.

EDWARDSVILLE - Trey Boyd, a middle linebacker and tight end who missed the 2019 season at Edwardsville High, signed a letter-of-intent to play at Greenville University in the fall.

Boyd was attracted to Greenville for its location and the team's coaching staff.

"I really liked the location and the coaches made it really feel like home," Boyd said in a post-ceremony interview. He also considered Trinity Bible College in Ellendale, N.D., as well as a Chicago school, and is planning on majoring in exercise science and athletic training. His goals at Greenville are very straightforward.

"Just to get out there and do the best that I can," Boyd said, "and compete."

Boyd will compete for a job at middle linebacker and defensive end. Although he missed his senior season at Edwardsville, he still brings a lot to the table at a program where many former Tiger players have thrived.

"Nobody wants to finish the season that way," said Edwardsville head coach Matt Martin. "He's lucky enough that he's going to get a chance to go to Greenville. I know the coaches there well. There's some former Tiger football players there, and coach Josh Flannery, so I think it's a great fit. I think he's going to get an opportunity to play there, and I think he'll do well there. I think he can have a nice college career at Greenville."

Boyd's favorite memory of playing for the Tigers was in 2017, as a sophomore.

"There's a lot, but I'd have to say my sophomore year, getting pulled up to varsity," Boyd said.

As far as what he hopes to accomplish for the Panthers, Boyd is set on the future.

"Get my degree, and graduate," Boyd said. "Just be able to leave my mark there."

Boyd isn't sure what he'll do after graduating from Greenville. He said he is ready to step back onto the field as well.

"It was tough, not being able to play my senior year," Boyd said. "But like I said, I have the support of everybody in the town, and my friends, my friends, my family, my coaches."

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