Name: Sophia Mae HardinParents: Zach Hardin and Malorie Crawford of AltonBirth Weight: 5 lbs 7 ozBirth Length: 20 inchesDate: June 24, 2018Time: 6:10 a.m.Hospital: OSF Saint Anthony'sGrandparents: Sue...[Read More]
Name: Robert Anthony WohlgemuthParents: Ethan and Jennifer Wohlgemuth of GodfreyBirth Weight: 5 lbsBirth Length: 18 inchesDate: June 21, 2018Time: 9:34 a.m.Hospital: OSF Saint Anthony'sSiblings: Johna...[Read More]
Name: Finley Michael TroyParents: Bradon Troy and Dovie Martin of East AltonBirth Weight: 6 lbs 9 ozBirth Length: 19.5 inchesDate: June 19, 2018Time: 8:03 a.m.Hospital: OSF Saint Anthony'sSiblings: Ro...[Read More]
Name: Koribella Ann RoseParents: Alex and Kassandra Sheppard of Granite CityBirth Weight: 6 lbs 15 ozBirth Length: 20.5 inchesDate: June 17, 2018Time: 1:06 a.m.Hospital: OSF Saint Anthony'sGrandparent...[Read More]
Name: Kalani JonesParents: Jaron Jones and Mackenzie Davis of AltonBirth Weight: 8 lbs 1 ozBirth Length: 20 inchesDate: May 30, 2018Time: 11:59 a.m.Hospital: OSF Saint Anthony'sGrandparents: Donna Doo...[Read More]
Name: Lettie KnabeParents: Logan and Leah Knabe of JerseyvilleBirth Weight: 7 lbs 1 ozBirth Length: 19.75 inchesDate: May 26, 2018Time: 4:09 a.m.Hospital: OSF Saint Anthony'sGrandparents: Rick and Vic...[Read More]
Name: Ella Grace RimbeyParents: Cory and Leslie RimbeyBirth Weight: 8 lbs 0 ozBirth Length: 20.5 inchesDate: May 23, 2018Time: 12:11 p.m.Hospital: OSF Saint Anthony'sSiblings: Lucas Rimbey (2)Grandpar...[Read More]
Name: Jack Robert AbbeyParents: Bryan Abbey and Katie Steckel of JerseyvilleBirth Weight: 8 lbs 1 ozBirth Length: 20.5 inchesDate: May 22, 2018Time: 2:36 p.m.Hospital: OSF Saint Anthony'sSiblings: Jan...[Read More]
Name: Brooklyn Rose SaenzParents: Kyle Saenz and Cierra Beasley of Wood RiverBirth Weight: 5 lbs 5 ozBirth Length: 18.5 inchesDate: May 21, 2018Time: 9:40 p.m.Hospital: OSF Saint Anthony'sGrandparents...[Read More]
Name: Helois Mitchell Foster IIParents: Helois Foster and Melissa Graham of AltonBirth Weight: 7 lbs 15 ozBirth Length: 20 inchesDate: May 14, 2018Time: 7:25 a.m.Hospital: OSF Saint Anthony'sSiblings:...[Read More]
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