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Andy's Tire & Auto Service Center

3100 Washington Avenue Alton, IL 62002

About Us

We have been proud to serve the people of our community with the utmost integrity for over 45 years, and we intend to do so for many more years to come. The memories we have created during our long, illustrious history as a local business will be treasured within the hearts and minds of each and every member of our work family and, hopefully, our esteemed clientele. We look forward to creating new memories, with both new and recurring customers alike, as, together, we forge into the future with the same values we've always held: hard work, honesty and responsibility to our business and the communities we serve.

CALL NOW (618) 465-6272 or schedule an appointment online at: WWW.GOTOANDYS.COM

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200 W. Third Street | Alton, IL 62002
Suite 200