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About BrightWay Imaging

BrightWay Imaging centers are independent, free-standing medical imaging centers in Alton, IL and Swansea, IL  providing high-quality digital imaging services including MRI, mammography, ultrasound and X-Ray.  We realize that there are enough unknowns related to your healthcare and associated costs, so we have simplified medical imaging while also reducing your costs with our All Inclusive, Capped Pricing.

All of our radiologists are certified by the American Board of Radiology and have extensive training in their individual fields.  Our expert certified technologists understand the importance of getting a quality image right from the start, and also the importance of your comfort throughout the imaging process. 

Our business model addresses these problems experienced at larger, hospital-based facilities:

  • Parking difficulties and long walks to the imaging center
  • Unnecessary waits, even with an appointment
  • Complex and inflated cost structure
  • A focus on patient volume versus your individual needs.

BrightWay makes it easy by providing easy access, personalized service and responsible pricing.  We are confident that we can earn your trust in one visit and become your choice for future medical imaging needs. 

Diagnostic Imaging Services

BrightWay Imaging is proud to offer superior medical imaging services to patients in Alton and Swansea, without the hassle and high costs of going to the hospital. Learn more about our medical imaging services and all inclusive, capped pricing:


BrightWay's low-cost MRI's offer substantial savings compared to hospital fees is Alton and Swansea. Our capped pricing means that you will not pay more than $600 out of pocket for your MRI - even without insurance.Learn more and schedule your appointment today.

Digital X-Ray

We offer outpatient X-Rays to patients in Alton and Swansea. With a procedure that lasts often less than 15 minutes, we accept walk-ins during our regular office hours. For a low-cost x-ray without the hospital hassle, contact BrightWay today.

Diagnostic Ultrasound

BrightWay offers diagnostic ultrasounds at our Alton office. These exams are used to detect abdominal conditions, cysts, gallstones, and pregnancy. Learn more about the convenient, compassionate ultrasounds offered today!

Digital Mammogram

BrightWay offers digital mammograms with MammoPads for the most comfortable exam possible. Our experienced technicians will guide you throughout the appointment with care and compassion. Learn more about mammograms in Illinois today.

All-Inclusive, Capped Pricing

BrightWay Imaging’s Capped, All Inclusive pricing model is a revolutionary concept that directly addresses all of the complexities of medical imaging costs. Some of the problems with the traditional medical imaging pricing model include:

  • Inability to get a comprehensive price quote for your visit due to lack of knowledge regarding insurance coverage, deductibles, and other ancillary costs. This makes it impossible to make an apples-to-apples comparison across providers.
  • Even if specifics are available regarding the actual charge, many times the patient has no way to gauge his/her potential out of pocket costs.
  • In many cases, not only will you see inflated costs for your medical image, but you will also incur a separate charge for the actual Radiologist who reads the image and generates the report.

These unknowns are simply unacceptable in today’s healthcare environment, where the patient is often on the hook for the entirety of the cost – even with comprehensive medical coverage!

Capped, All-Inclusive pricing means that you will never pay more than:

  • $600 for an MRI. MRIs requiring contrast may involve an additional charge.
  • $75 for an X-Ray
  • $150 for an Ultrasound
  • $275 for a Mammogram

If you currently have insurance, your cost may be significantly less than the capped prices above, as we have contracts with most insurance companies that allow us to discount your procedure. In many cases, you will end up paying nothing out of pocket as your insurance will cover the entire cost. 

These prices are completely comprehensive and transparent – you will not be billed a separate facility fee, professional fee, etc. 

In addition to this simplified model, you will find that the cost of our imaging services is usually a fraction of the cost of the same procedure performed at hospital-affiliated imaging centers. Many MRI scans result in charges exceeding $2,000. We can likely do the exact same procedure for $600 or less. We encourage you to compare costs, and make sure to ask about additional charges such as the Radiologist reading/reporting fee, which is often ignored.

Convenient Locations

BrightWay Imaging offers two convenient locations in the Metro East. Our medical imaging offices in Alton and Swansea provide MRIs, Diagnostic Ultrasounds, Digital Mammograms, and X-Rays to patients in Illinois at a fraction of the cost of hospital services.

Alton Medical Imaging

BrightWay's Alton office offers all four of our imaging services. We accept walk-ins for X-Rays Monday - Thursday between 8:00am and 5:00pm, as well as Friday between 8:00am and 4:00pm. This freestanding diagnostic center provides outpatient scans and exams.

Our Alton office offers convenient, street level parking with easy access to the office. Unlike hospitals in the area, you will not have to navigate a maze of halls to reach our friendly, compassionate staff and begin you exam.

Swansea Medical Imaging

For patients in Central and Southern Illinois, BrightWay's Swansea office is easily accessible via I-64 and I-255. Our medical imaging technicians perform MRIs and Digital X-Rays at this location.  Currently, Digital Mammograms and Diagnostic Ultrasounds are not performed in this office.

Depending on the type of scan you are receiving, you may spend 15 minutes to 1 hour in our office for your appointment. Returning patients and new patients who fill out paperwork ahead of time will find that this time is generally decreased. At BrightWay, we are committed to providing a hassle-free experience that includes minimum time in the waiting room.

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