ConnorMajor Jeff Connor of the Madison County Sheriff’s Department has been named the commander of the new Cross-River Crime Task Force. Connor was named to the post on Wednesday by Madison County State’s Attorney Tom Haine. Connor then named Major Nick Novacich of the Granite City Police Department and Alton Deputy Chief Jarrett Ford as deputy commanders.

The task force was formed to create and sustain a county-wide focus on crime flowing across the river into Madison County from the St. Louis area, and will be comprised of law enforcement officials from the federal, state, and local levels.

Connor tells The Big Z what the start of this process will look like.

He tells The Big Z local police chiefs are on board with the goals of this unit.

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Connor currently serves as the chief deputy sheriff for Madison County. Members of the task force approved a charter and implementation plan earlier this month and aim to begin patrols by the end of the month.

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