Republican State Representative Amy Elik of Fosterburg is sponsoring legislation that repeals the FOID card and reduces the fee for a concealed carry license in Illinois.  Elik said during her campaign that it was wrong that Illinois was one of four states that charged residents for the Constitutional right to bear arms.

Elik told the Big Z in a recent interview it was one of the main topics she’s heard about from people in her district.  She said the other issue with FOID is that the state is mandating it but can’t keep up with demand:

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Elik added that if the bill is passed there is still a federal background check and waiting period for firearms purchases, which she says shows why Illinois’ FOID card was unnecessary. House Bill 1892 (HB 1892) repeals the Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) Card Act and House Bill 1886 (HB 1886) reduces the concealed carry licensing fees.

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