The Riverbend is in a holding pattern with the Mississippi River hitting its crest over the weekend for Alton and Grafton, and now it's a waiting game for the water to recede. There is some good news, however: the flood gates over the Wood River Creek at East Alton are now open .

It could be a few weeks before other roadways reopen and even longer before some businesses are able to open their doors following clean up.  The National Weather Service says the Mississippi will remain in major flood stage into the weekend, but without significant rainfall here or to the north, should see a steady fall through next week and could be in a minor flood stage early next week in Alton and late next week in Grafton. It will be a much slower fall for the Illinois River as it remains backed up by the Mississippi River. It will only fall a few feet over the next week.

The American Red Cross has set up a temporary shelter in Jerseyville at the Elementary School for those in need of assistance. Several church groups in the area and other charities are collecting non-perishable food items, personal care items and household items for those impacted by the flooding in Calhoun County.

The Illinois National Guard continues to patrol area levees and reminds everyone that the levees are off limits, including those with biking and walking trails. Anyone caught trespassing on levees, or climbing on temporary flood walls, could be subject to arrest.

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