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Wordi Gras Parade 2024: A Vibrant Community Celebration

February 13, 2024 | 3,804 views
Dive into the heart of Worden's festive spirit with our exclusive video of the Wordi Gras Parade 2024. Witness a small town bursting with energy as an estimated 5,000 attendees from all over the region gather to enjoy a day filled with joy, unity, and community celebration. From the lively atmosphere of local bars and food trucks to the diverse and colorful parade featuring trucks, jeeps, motorcycles, and more, the event is a testament to Worden's vibrant community spirit. Coordinated by Rick and Nikki Landrem of the Yellow Dog Bar, this annual Mardi Gras celebration has not only brought the community together but also highlighted the charm of Worden. Captured by 618 Drone Service, this video offers a unique aerial perspective of the parade's merry procession and the warm, festive ambiance that enveloped the town.

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